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The Jayhawker Podcast

Oct 1, 2020

Kwamie Lassiter II was destined to play at Kansas. After all, his dad was an All-Big 8 performer and Aloha Bowl champion defensive back for the Jayhawks. Lassiter’s dad played an influential role in his son’s football life—coaching him up, going to games, and making him want to be a Jayhawk. But then, that bond was gone. Kwamie’s dad passed away from a heart attack in January 2019, and it changed everything. Gone were the postgame breakdowns, the workouts, and the father-son bonding. But Kwamie has found a way forward, leaning on his family—both at home, and at Kansas. He’s emerged as a playmaker and talented receiver and returner for the Jayhawks, and if he has his way, his story is just getting started.