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The Jayhawker Podcast

Mar 2, 2021

Former Kansas track star Bryce Hoppel grew up in a sports family and he started his athletic career running the soccer fields in Midland, Texas. Ironically, staying in shape for soccer led him to things he could have never imagined in a different sport. At first, Hoppel didn’t really like the running. He just liked being one of the guys. Hoppel began turning heads with his teammates in high school, and then in college in Lawrence, where he was a five-time All-American, two-time National Champion and four-time Big 12 Champion. In 2019, Hoppel completed a sweep of both the indoor and outdoor 800 meter NCAA titles, becoming the first male from the University of Kansas to win a collegiate title in the event. And although those were great memories, his greatest memories revolve around his teammates. Now, Hoppel hopes his teammates will be cheering on for another adventure – a run to the Summer Olympics in Tokyo.