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The Jayhawker Podcast

Sep 7, 2021

There are not too many people who can claim to have played for a Hall of Fame coach and then have the opportunity to work with that same Hall of Fame coach. Jeremy Case, the Jayhawks’ new assistant coach and member of the 2008 national championship team, has that interesting perspective and is ready for the challenge after spending five years waiting patiently in an administrative role. Case’s roots with the game of basketball and Coach Bill Self run deep. His father, Win, played basketball with Self at Oklahoma State, and he met the Kansas head coach when he was a baby, and his father has gone on to be a longtime assistant coach at the Division I level and currently works at Ole Miss with head coach Kermit Davis. How does Case’s unique perspective on the Jayhawk program impact the players that currently wear the uniform that he cares so much about?